Expedition of 2019

Yssyk-Kөl Lake - Song-Kөl Lake - Tash-Rabat Caravanserai


Summer Bikepacking and Photography Expedition






Vehicle: MTB Hardtail or any appropriate bike preferred for road, dirt and gravel riding.


Total Distance: 453 km


Highlights: Yssyk-Kul Lake, Song-Kul Lake, Tuz Ashuu Pass, Moldo Ashuu Pass Pass, Tash-Rabat Caravanserai, Koshoy Korgon Fortress, 12+ hours of pedaling, outdoor camping, nomadic lifestyle and cultural observation


Short Description: This is the first truly bikepacking out to wilderness The LNR (The Last Nomad Republic) cycling trip. It's planned to spend 4-5 days on saddle searching for stunning landscapes and captivating surroundings. Some physical training needed as rides are expected through 4 passes over 3000+ m and camping on high altitude valleys. We are two friends who decided to cycle more than 400 km exploring new roads and spaces, open up new horizons, overcome difficulties and pains, meet people and build even more closure relationship.


What is bikepacking? Read here.

Day 1: Yssyk-Lul - Gate to Kyzart 118km

- Meet and start at the intersection 22km south from Balukchy town.

- Ride old soviet road along Ortotokoy reservoir

- Lunch in Kochkor village; some resupply if needed

- Overnight at homestay in Kyzart


Day 2:  Gate to Kyzart - CP1 SRMR Song-Kul  50.6km

- Early morning ride toward Tuz Ashuu Pass

- Tuz Ashuu Pass Climb 3213m

- Overnight stay at SRMR Yurt Camp


Day 3: Moldo-Ashuu Pass to Baetov 98km

- Early morning ride toward Ashuu Pass

- Long descend from Moldo-Ashuu to Ak-Tal intersection

- Overnight in Baetov


Day 4: Torugart Road to TashRabat 87.9km

- Overnight stay in Tash-Rabat


Day 5: Tash-Rabat Caravanserai- Koshoy-Korgon Fortress - At-bashy 81km

- Finish at At-Bashy Village

- Depart to Bishkek




For more information please contact via  

E-mail info@lakesandwaterfalls.com

Call +996 771 491 140 (whatsapp)









Expedition of 2018

Finding the Arslanbob Forest


Summer 4x4Adventure and Photography Expedition


Bishkek - Arslanbob - Bishkek



12/07/2018 - 15/07/2018

Vehicle: Hyundai Starex


Total Distance: epx 1150 km


Highlights: Song-Kul Lake, Kazarman, Sary-Kyr Pass, Arslanbob, Ketmen-Tөbө Valley/Toktogul Reservoir, landscape observation, nomadic lifestyle and cultural observation


Short Description:

The Arslanbob Walnut Forests in Kyrgyzstan were the very last point had been reached by Alexander's The Great advanced troops in Central Asia.

We will reach Song-Kul Lake and try to find the real shepherds. Try to find a new tourist-free locations for slow evening on the west shore of Song-Kul Lake with local shepherds photographing their summer lifestyle and nearby surroundings and landscapes.

We will enjoy and capture panorama views of the vast area of Kazarman

Will discover everyday life of local people in Arslanbob forests

We will pursue the sunset just right the coastline of the Toktogul Reservoir


Day 1: Bishkek - SongKul

- We leave Bishkek at 8.00 am and drive directly to Song-Kul Lake.

- Lunch somewhere on the way.

- Find location on the west shore of the lake

- Overnight in tents at Song-Kul.

Have to cook by ourselves

Dinner by the fire (gas)


Day 2: Song-Kul - Kazarman - Arslanbob

- We leave Song-Kul in the very early morning and drive to Arslanbob through Kazarman

- We arrive at Arslanbob in the afternoon, discover the area and plan for next day

- Overnight stay at guest house (CBT*)

Dinner at guest house epx 300 som per person

B&B is around 600 som per person


Day 3 : Exploration of Arslanbob forest

- We go deep into the walnut forest

- Depart to Ketmen-Tөbө Valley/Toktogul reservoir in the afternoon

- Chasing sunset at the manmade lake

- Overnight stay in tents

Have to cook by ourselves

Dinner by the fire


Day 4: Toktogul - Bishkek

- Late morning drive to Bishkek. We will go over two high altitude passes.

- Will be back in Bishkek in the early evening.

Our main joy for this tour are adventure and photography. We will stop and breath as many as we desire. We in The Last Nomad Republic are gibrid photography enthusiasts. We shoot both digital and film. We give our special treat to analogue film photography - slow and relaxed.


*CBT - Community Based Tourism Association

Two spare seats available for our trip.


Price : 150 USD or 10500 KGS per person


Price include:

Tents. We will definitely have two tents and may have three if needed.

Food and fire if we camp our own.

Drinking water.

Brewed coffee.


Price do not include B&B and dinner at guest house in Arslanbob or Yurt stay at Song-Kul.


Please have your own sleeping bag.


For more information please contact via  

E-mail info@lakesandwaterfalls.com

Call +996 771 491 140 (whatsapp)