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In search of a new habitat

Landscape. People. Culture. 



These photographs are part of an extensive photographic series featuring mainly contemporary black and white photographs of a big project titled “The Last Nomad Republic” in Kyrgyzstan - a small mountainous country in the heart of Central Asia, located on the ancient Silk Road connecting China with Europe. 

The photograph you are holding in your hands is most likely one of those that have been taken in the last 9 years. These works are the result of annual adventure photo expeditions taken in the mountains - scientifically known as “The Tien Shan” and called “Tengri Too” [translated as “Mountains of Heaven”] by the indigenous people. The author of the photographs is Malik Alymkulov, who has been in photography in Kyrgyzstan since 2003. Malik uses both digital and analog film cameras. The choice of film cameras was driven by the desire to immerse himself in the long and exciting process of analog shooting and image acquisition, as well as the desire to achieve greater artistic expression of images. Malik Alymkulov focuses on such genres as landscape photography, people and the prevailing culture of seasonal nomadic herding in the mountains and valleys of Kyrgyzstan.



© Malik Alymkulov


Central Asia